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Welcome to KEMMLER Precision Tooling.

Your competent manufacturer, partner and supplier of all aspects of the tool machinery.

We produce quality products with high-precision and economic efficiency for metal working.

We provide a technical masterpiece with an excellent cost-performance ratio: Tool holders for all machine tools with DIN 2080, DIN 69871, MAS-BT (JIS B 6339), DIN 69893-1 (ISO 12164-1) HSK as well as VDI-tool holders for turning machines complying to DIN 69880 (ISO 10889).

In addition a complete range of attachments and peripheral items all around machine tools.

We work reliable and fast, we deliver in-time, we give competent advice and we support all-embracing.

You will take profit – Like many satisfied KEMMLER-Customers all over the world.

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KEMMLER – 完美而精密

欢迎来到 KEMMLER Präzisionswerkzeuge 公司。


我们制造最高精密度的优质产品,实现金属加工的经济性。 我们提供优质技术方案,确保优异的性价比:DIN 2080、DIN 69871、JIS B 6339 (MAS 403 BT)、ISO 12164-1 (DIN 69893-1) HSK、ISO 26623 (PSK)、DIN 228 标准所有刀具机床的刀柄,以及 ISO 10889 (DIN 69880) 标准车削机床的 VDI 刀座。



请受益于此 – KEMMLER 的合作客户遍及全球。

Toolholders DIN 69871

Toolholders DIN 69871

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Toolholders DIN 69893 ISO 12164 – HSK

Toolholders DIN 69893 ISO 12164 – HSK

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CNC machine vices

CNC machine vices

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Kemmler Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH
Lange Str. 101
72116 Moessingen

Phone: +49 7473 924080
Fax: +49 7473 9240820
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Jörg Kemmler
Phone: +49 7473 924080
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News & Innovations

BT 40 Steep taper toolholders with full face contact

Steep taper toolholders with full face contact

By using steep taper toolholders with full face contact on conventional CNC-machines with standard spindles, the performance of the machine can be utilised completely due to a highly improved stability.

The advantages are:

  • Machine performance can be used to the full extent

  • Steep taper toolholders will be aligned with existing machine spindles

  • Stable and bigger, complete full face contact

  •  Users can continue to use standard steep taper toolholders

  • Less vibrations due to large full face contact

  • Better surface fi nish and higher reliability of processing

  • Longer service life of the cutting tools

  • Better tool change repeat accuracy

  • No loss of stability at high spindle speeds

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High-performance milling chucks HKS-system
The high-performance milling chucks are suitable for almost all applications.
Especially in heavy roughing we guarantee unsurpassed high clamping forces and high process reliability.
HKS power chucks lead through the rigidity of the chuck, its concentricity and clamping even at 3 mm from
nose lining to excellent surface fi nish and high tool life.
All HKS chucks grant a maximum deviation of concentricity of 3 µm at 3 x D.
• heavy roughing
• fi nish milling
• hard milling
• drilling, reaming
• thread milling
Max. deviation of concentricity 3 µm at 3 x D of the clamped tool..
standard fi ne-balanced (G 6,3 15.000 min–1).
Clamping shank:
All available tool shanks with or without Weldon shank can be clamped directly or with an adapter sleeve.
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