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About us

Diebold "Passion for Perfection" has more than 66 years experience in high end tool holders, shrinking technology, highe frequency spindles and measuring equipment.

Diebold is one of the world's most renowned manufacturers of gold ring tool holders.

Today Diebold has an environmentally-controlled production area of 5000 square meters. Its innovative tool holders, high-frequency spindles and gauge system are manufactured on state-of-art equipment. Diebold runs more than 50 CNC machines made by German and Swiss manufacturers.

More than 120 highly-skilled workers manufacture parts with an accuracy of less than 1 micron. Seventy percent of the staff have run through an in-house apprenticeship program and are working at Diebold for more than 25 years.

All products leaving Diebold´s automated warehouse are guaranteed through inspection reports, with parts measured and documented on two precise CMM which are housed in a climate-controlled inspection room.

Products and services

Tool Holders:

  • JetSleeve 2.0 shrink fit tool holder

  • CentroGrip Collet Chuck

  • UltraGrip 3.0 Power Chuck


  • Inspection Gauges for HSK/SK/BT/D-BT/CAT

  • High precision Gauge Master

  • Test Arbors

  • Pull Force Gauges

    Shrink Technology

  • Shrink units, automatic with parameters, easy handling

  • Chiller Unit, Patented Technology

  • High Frequency Spindles
JetSleeve 2.0 - shrink fit holder

The tiny nozzles are still incorporated into this jet ring, air-oil mixture, coolant or only air can be sprayed to the tip of the milling cutter at high pressure caused by the nozzles.
When using JetSleeve 2.0, chips are immediately blown away from the cutter area even in difficult-to-acces deep cavities. Cutter demage by overrunning chips is impossible. This increases tool life by 100 to 300%.

Inductive Shrink Unit HS 1100-P

Shrink range 3 - 32 mm for carbide shanks and 6 - 32 mm for HSS shanks.
Changeable adaptors HSK / SK / BT ....
Universall adaptor for all holder typesh
Manual operation or automatic opperation with parameters
Broken tool removal unit installed in all holder adaptors
Optional length setting unit for presetting of the cutters
Max shrink length: approx. 400 mm
Shrink unit with 5 interchangeable discs and set of gloves

Inspection Gauges for HSK Taper

HSK Tool Holders offer excellent stiffness and repeatability.
To check the extremely small tolerances required by the DIN and ISO standards for HSK tool holders, the finest measuring instrument are a necessity not a luxury.
With our HSK Inspection Gauges the 4 most important dimensions can be checked in one operation:
large taper diameter, small taper diameter, gripper cam angle location, ejection face depth.
Possible with vee-flange adaptor and runout test adaptor

Helmut Diebold GmbH & Co.
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Anton Ebenhöch
Sales Manager Export
Phone: +49 151 68833179
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