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External thread production of the premium class

Wagner® Tooling Systems is a producer of precision tools for the economic production of external threads and special production steps like beading, knurling, flanging or rolling-in of tubes.

With the Wagner® cutting heads, axial rolling heads, thread rolling attachments and multi-cutter turning heads cylindrical and tapered threads can be produced as well as standard and metric threads, pipe threads, acme threads and special threads – right hand threads or left-hand threads.

Further advantages of the WAGNER® tools are crimping, cutting-in, levelling-out, end machining and surface optimization to the point of twist-free surfaces.

The continuous development work of our engineers makes sure that our technology belongs to the best of the world. Each of our products is developed with German thoroughness.

Further information can be obtained from our website: www.wagner-werkzeug.de, www.wagner-tools.cn.

Our product range:

  • Thread rolling attachments

  • Axial rolling heads

  • Thread cutting heads

  • Multi-cutter turning heads

  • Driven tools

Products and services

Thread rolling attachments
For threads with a very short run-out, close to a collar, very short threads or threads behind a collar
Threads: Ø 1.6 - 68 mm
Types of threads: for all types of threads
Application areas: for serial parts and large batches

Axial rolling heads
For chip-free production of threads paired with rapidity and economical pricing
Threads: Ø 3 - 70 mm
Types of threads: for all types of threads
Application areas: for serial parts and large batches
Models: Stationary and rotating

Thread cutting heads
For fast and extremely precise production of threads of different shapes, angle, diameters and lengths on numerous materials.
Threads: Ø 1.6 - 120 mm or Ø 9 - 175 mm
Types of thread: for all types of threads
Models: Stationary and rotating

Multi-cutter turning heads
For the fast reduction of external diameters. Its 3 or 4 carbide cutters achieve a 3 to 6 times higher feed rate than conventional tools.
Turning range: Ø 2 - 30 mm
Models: Stationary and rotating

Thread Rolling Attachments

The tangentially working WAGNER® thread rolling attachment produces threads with a superior surface finish in the shortest machining times possible.
The preferred areas of application are:
• Threads behind a collar
• Threads close up to a collar
• Very short threads
• Threads where the end of the workpiece is not free
• Threads with very short run-outs
• Anywhere where axial machining is not possible due to a lack of space

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Axial Rolling Heads

The axially working WAGNER® thread rolling head rolls superior finish threads in an unrivalled large working area.
Your benefits:
• Large working areas realised through modular design
• Rotating and stationary models for use on lathes, machining centres, rotary indexing machines and special machines
• Machining of long threads
• Auto-opening for touch-free retraction

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Thread Cutting Heads

The WAGNER® thread cutting head is an axially working precision tool that produces top quality threads in a very short time.
Your benefits:
• Economical machining thanks to chasers that can be reground
• Time-saving operation thanks to single cuts
• Short downtimes thanks to exchangeable chaser holders
• Rotating and stationary use

Wagner Tooling Systems Baublies GmbH
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Katrin Leitenberger
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Wagner Tooling Systems Baublies GmbH
Meiyuan Xincun Dabei Xiang 7–3
210018 Nanjing
P.R. China

Phone: +86 25 84729068
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Internet: www.wagner-tools.cn
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News & Innovations

Shorter cycle times thanks to new compact closing device

Customers who set value on high productivity will benefit from the short cycle times of WAGNER®‘s threading tools.

For a long time, a further reduction of cycle times has been realised by closing devices for WAGNER® Axial Rolling Heads and WAGNER® Thread Cutting Heads. Closing devices are used for closing the automatically opening heads again.

Ideally, closing is effected in parallel to primary processing time. This is not always possible. For this reason, WAGNER® has reduced the closing time of all tools to a maximum of 0.2 seconds.

The new series of closing devices extend the product range and − thanks to the reduced installation space − allow solutions on machines with limited space.

The closing device can easily be controlled by coolant or pneumatically.

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