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High-performance milling chucks HKS-system

The high-performance milling chucks are suitable for almost all applications.
Especially in heavy roughing we guarantee unsurpassed high clamping forces and high process reliability.
HKS power chucks lead through the rigidity of the chuck, its concentricity and clamping even at 3 mm from
nose lining to excellent surface fi nish and high tool life.
All HKS chucks grant a maximum deviation of concentricity of 3 µm at 3 x D.
• heavy roughing
• fi nish milling
• hard milling
• drilling, reaming
• thread milling
Max. deviation of concentricity 3 µm at 3 x D of the clamped tool..
standard fi ne-balanced (G 6,3 15.000 min–1).
Clamping shank:
All available tool shanks with or without Weldon shank can be clamped directly or with an adapter sleeve.

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Exhibitor: Kemmler Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH


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